1. No transaction can be made without Acro Medical care authorized money receipt.
  2. If you need to refill the oxygen cylinder, you have to inform the company at least 5-6 hours in advance.
  3. You will have to pay the prescribed amount as soon as Medical equipment home delivery is receive.
  4. Medical equipment’s rented at home should be taken care of responsibly. In case of any kind of damage, you will be obliged to pay the same amount of damage equipment 
  5. If there is any problem in the rented medical equipment at home, you must inform the authorities without taking any responsibility.
  6. The members / staff of the company should not be mistreated during home delivery.
  7. Must pay at least 15/30 days rent. When the term expires, the contract has to be renewed.
  8. Do not use oxygen cylinders near fire. Stay at least 10 feet away from the fire. At this time no one should smoke or have candles by your side. Do not place or use oxygen cylinders in the room where the fire is burning.
  9. No one should use an electric razor next to it during oxygen therapy. These can cause sparks.
  10. Place the oxygen cylinder in a ventilated area. The sunlight should not fall directly on the cylinder.
  11. Refrain from using combustible materials such as cleaning fluids, paint thinners and aerosol sprays. Also, do not use oily, greasy and petroleum-based skin products, such as Vaseline.
  12. All the equipment used in the cylinder except the cylinder and flow-meter has to be paid separately. Mask and tube used by one cannot be used by another.
  13. A special request is made to keep the cylinder 3 feet away from the Covid patient.
  14. Medical equipment such as medical beds, wheelchairs, suction machines, glucometers, nebulizers, oxygen cylinders and all rented medical equipment are  specially requested to be returned in which condition you have taken it. Otherwise, compensation is applicable.
  15. All our products are non-refundable & cannot be purchased/retuned from customer once again after selling.