Aging is an essential and universal process of human life. In the early stages of life, we are so busy and engrossed in work that there is no preparation for this extremely weak time of life. Health care is an important issue in old age. Based on survey report of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), it is reported that around 95% of the elderly people in Bangladesh had experienced health problems among them mostly had multiple health problems. They mostly suffer from weakness, failing eyesight, hearing loss, high pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and other old age-related illness including dementia and Alzheimer diseases etc. Older people suffer from both degenerative and infectious diseases due to low immunity of the body. The main causes of illness are infections, on the other hand visual impairment, walking, chewing, hearing, osteoporosis, arthritis and other health related problems. There was a time when there was a predominance of older people in a close-knit family. The number of family members was also high. But now all the small families, most of whom are working for both husband and wife to survive financially. So, they cannot take necessary care of the elderly parents or even the child. But old age is not only a concern for the individual and his family; it is also a matter of social concern. 
Our social myths and prejudices, social structures and systems, negative attitudes towards the elderly are also exacerbating the problems of the elderly. They always need extensive medical care. In some cases, it is almost impossible for them to receive services from the general outdoor service in a government hospital and to wait for a long time due to physical disability or absence of family members. Many people have to endure long periods of treatment in the hospital during those times or for frequent visits. Sometimes they need long-term treatment. They have to move from their house & stay at Dhaka city for the better treatment facilities. In that case the elderly persons face the severe problem of financial, nursing and the familial support like long-term stay at hospital & also at relatives’ homes. As older people feel content and comfortable in their own home, home-based care institutions can be an effective service for their care. In this case, some developed countries like Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark employ local self-government ‘paid home helpers’ who provide services to the elderly in their homes. There are some companies where adults take membership like health insurance. When the problem arises, they call that company, the nurse / GP with the ambulance immediately reached to the house. If there is a more serious issue, they take them to the hospital. Patient does not need to bother about their medical documents, no more treatment delay & no more waiting for their family members. The company has taken copies of all his medical documents during the membership, which is preserved & updated. A copy of his electric health record is mailed along with the number of his membership ID card. Even if there is no one with the patient, he can ensure all the medical services at home /hospital due to the membership. If it is possible in developed countries including Australia, our country Bangladesh has also improved a lot, then why it is not possible here?
At present, Acro Medical has been working successfully in Bangladesh for two long years with a complete foreign concept brought in Bangladesh from Australia by Mr. Ariful Islam; Founder & CEO of Acro Medical completed his study & had a working experience in a Geriatric Care Project in Australia. The directors are also USA citizen. This organization caters to the needs of its members in addition to bringing quality medical care to its doorstep in an easy way for one person through membership in the Acro Retirement Club. Their 360◦ versatile service covers to ensure medical care as per the requirement of the members like:
✓ Doctor video consultancy & doctor home visit
✓ Diagnostic sample home collection & report home collection
✓ Taking the person to the doctor's chamber/hospital by skilled manpower with complete safety in their own transport and providing attendant for long stay with the patient in the absence of family
✓ Monthly free health checkup by monitoring 10 vital signs
✓ Part-time and long-term caregiver facilities
✓ Oxygen cylinder rent
✓ Palliative care home service
✓ Own transport & accommodation facilities provide for the patients coming from different districts for treatment purpose
✓ 24 hours nursing support
✓ Age care facilities
✓ 24 hours ambulance service
✓ Medicine & medical accessories home delivery
✓ Diet chart provide
One of their members Late Mr. Bikash Chowdhury, freedom fighter and former joint secretary passed away on 24 November. Their family members shared the opinions on service with us. Their family members express their gratitude towards the company, Acro Medical. After retirement he was suffering with many health issues for which he was required personalized home-based care. His son lives in Australia & daughter lives in USA. His children from abroad got Acro Medical information from another member’s son a renowned scientist living in Japan. They took their parents lifetime membership at Acro Medical to get caregiver & medical treatment assistance including associated support. End of the day they were totally dependent on Acro Medical. For their mother, they were provided doctor appointment, doctor chamber visit, transportation support, medicine home delivery & nursing support for injection pushing by Acro Medical. For their father Mr. Bikash Chowdhury, they were received medical accessories home delivery like wheelchair, air mattress, oxygen cylinder etc whenever required. 24 hours monitoring by nursing officer & GP doctor. After the registration till death their children ensured every medical need of their parents through Acro Medical. Most of the members of Acro Medical are leading an independent life with dignity in absence of their family members & children. Children can confirm every medical needs for their parents sitting anywhere in the world. We need this kind of services today or tomorrow to make sure independent life after retirement. After getting lifetime membership a person can ensure the entire medical services under one umbrella. Their retirement life will be full of entertainment & liberated as before after serving a long time in the society. So get Acro Medical membership just for being hassle free & no dependency on others.