Get well sooner by getting 12 / 24 hours care from a Acro Medical at-home nurse.

Acro medical is familiar and trained on how to provide various nursing services to the elderly & senior patients at their homes. Our nurses understand that patients with special abilities need special personal attention. Home care nursing services are usually cheaper than hospitals and nursing homes, while being just as effective as the medical care offered in a hospital or nursing home. We provide dedicated nursing services at your doorstep. The main goal of home nursing service is to treat an illness or injury. The home nursing services usually entails wound care for pressure sores or surgical wound, patient and care – giver education, intravenous or nutrition therapy, injections, rehabilitation therapies and monitoring serious illness and unstable health status.
Types of nursing procedures at home are given below:
Urinary catheterization care
◦ Wound dressing
◦ Oxygen administration
◦ Colostomy bag maintenance
◦ Chronic care
◦ Tracheotomy
◦ Diabetic care
◦ Rehabilitation nursing
◦ Chemotherapy patient nursing
◦ Drug administration & infusions (Ryle tube, catheter etc)
◦ Bedsore care
◦ Activities of daily living
◦ Hospital discharge & follow up care
◦ Complex and special needs
◦ General nursing like vital sign check-up


Doctors For Diagnose, Nurses For Cure

Post-operative care

After surgery, there are many details to manage. It is important that the patient is comfortable, surgical dressings are clean, medication is taken at the right time, and a patient’s immediate needs have been cared for properly. Depending on the surgery, the doctor will provide the patient with orders that will need to be followed. These orders may contain information on when and how the patient will get up and move around to maintain the body’s normal functions. To help the patient have the easiest possible recovery, a certified nursing assistant will be assigned to the patient. 

□ Ensuring the comfort of the patient.
□ Proper and timely dressing changes.
□ Pain medication should be given as per the prescription.
□ In deep vein thrombosis the postoperative nursing care involves giving blood thinning medication, elastic stockings and helping the patient perform foot and ankle exercises for blood circulation in the lower leg and enhance venous return in the lower leg.
□ In case of infection the post-operative nursing care requires close monitoring of the surgical wound and immediate reporting of persistent fever and redness or swelling at the wound site.
□ In case of pneumonia the care involves a respiratory therapist to help the patient with deep breathing exercises.
□ In knee stiffness or other joints and bone surgery, the care requires the assistance of both a physiotherapist and a nurse for postoperative exercises to be done under the watch of a physiotherapist, for pain control, for edema control and to maintain protocol as directed by the doctor.
□ Bespoke and flexible support.
□ Rehabilitation and introduction back into social activities and lifestyle enhancement.
□ Home recovery care services include:

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We follow an organized registration process. We have a registration team that includes a nursing officer and an office executive/diploma paramedic individual. We collect the whole details of a person to get appropriate knowledge about his/her lifestyle, which will help us in future to detect some risk factors.
Steps of registration:
Initial call: Once we’ve received your information, we will have a short 5-10 minutes call to answer any pressing concerns and set up a time to meet in person & to see the patient condition.  We offer a small number of urgent appointments each day. Please call the here +8802-55046812 or +8801784532159 and let us know you need an urgent appointment for the registration.
Registration process: We have a registration process before starting any service. You can visit our office or in case if you are unable to visit our team will go to your place to complete this process. Our team will answer all your questions and will share a care plan customized to your unique needs.
Home verification: This is an essential part before starting any home care service. Focusing on the safety security issues of our service provider we ensure this with our first priority.
Start of care: We will come with our caregiver on the first day of care to go through the care plan together and help with introductions.
Home visits for inspection: Once we have begun care, we will pop in at times our caregiver is there to see how things are going and determine if we need to adjust the care plan. Our team will always keep in touch with you & make a visit three-two times in a month.

Why choose acro medical nursing services? 

√ We recruit each & every service provider by home verification process & we maintain their all personal, educational & verification information by our admin department.
√ We prefer to assign nurse according to the doctors instruction based on the specific needs of patients.
√ We design our home care health plan based on specific patient need & their family demand.
√ CCU/ICU working experienced nurses are also available in our pool.
√ Our maximum positive feedback from our client for our advanced management planning & quickest recovery. Please keep eyes on our authorized YouTube channel & Facebook page to get our latest update.
√ Nursing care at home also helps in managing chronic health conditions to avoid unnecessary hospitalization.
√ It offers one – on – one focus and support.
√ Clients have better health outcomes.
√ Home care nurses keep monitoring the diet of the patient, take readings of blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and breathing.
√ Our advance designed healthcare service always focus on the health progress, customer well being time to time, all medical history share to our database & monitor the patient & his family need.
√ And the most significant part of our service is our all nurses co – ordinate with the doctor to provide a proper course of health care.