No more wait to see a doctor, there’s a doctor waiting to see you.

The advent of technology has brought healthcare to the homes of people. Now people have the option to skip the visit to hospitals and choose for a more personal medical care within the comfort of their home. Patients often face trouble in receiving health assistance, especially in the evenings, weekends and during public holidays. Acro medical is available whenever health assistance is needed and we have a doctor panel that is always dedicated for telemedicine & home visit service.

Trusted treatment from your own doctor

Throughout taking our lifetime membership, we collect all the medical documents & your present health condition. All the documents are submitted to the assigned a general practitioner (GP) for that member & the updates of member’s health are always shared with them.  We not only record the data and medical history of our members in our software but also our doctor panel do the analysis based on this data. If any concerns arise, we forward the update to the fixed GP for the primary care who refer a specialized doctor based on the seriousness. GP always work to make an advanced risk factors list and a critical analysis is done to reduce the present problems of our members.
When someone feel there is some problem, the nurse / GP comes home with an ambulance after contacting the designated number and takes him to the hospital if there is a more serious issue. The Acro Retirement Club caters to all the needs of its members in addition to bringing quality medical care to its doorstep in an easy way for the individual. At present, many people benefit from receiving medical care at home through home services in epidemics like Covid-19.
Reasons for the home doctor visit are given below:
√ Spend your time with the doctor for one hour.
√ Save your time and keep you hassle-free.
√ The availability of quality medical care at the comfort of your home.
√ Great for patients with limited mobility.
√ Our doctors have well experience of clinical background.
√ Every doctor is supervised by a specialist senior-level doctor.
√ The doctor consultation charges are lower or at par with the hospital visit charges & transportation fee.
√ The home doctor gives a more personal medical care to the patient and is far more compassionate towards the patient.


Acro Medical doctor service is provided in different ways like:
1. Doctor selection based on your condition & problem area
2. Doctor appointment as needed
3. Doctor home visit and
4. Video consultancy services for all medical issues

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