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We believe that health is apex priority. To ensure the diagnostic services we are providing the cost –effective, high quality diagnostic care Acro Medical is partnered with the globally recognized labs in the country. We also have a team of experienced phlebotomists, who collect samples from patients’ home. For many people, the idea of spending long hours in a lab or hospital may sound demotivating. Many people also avoid going for preventive screenings and lab tests as they dread battling city traffic. In certain cases, travel-related stress can increase the risk of infection and delay recovery. Home sample collection is especially beneficial to the elderly, chronically ill patients, patients recovering post-surgery and bedridden. With home sample collection, you can get your tests done timely and have a better track of your health.

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We provide complete health check-up packages and individual lab tests for you and your family. Our wide range of lab tests includes complete Blood Count, Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), Postprandial Blood Sugar (PPBS), Hba1c, Thyroid Profile (T3,T4 AND TSH), Lipid Profile, Urine Test, CRP Blood Test, Cholesterol Test, Dengue Blood Test, Vitamin Test, Kidney Profile and other test at your convenience.

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Our priority based medical diagnostic centers & associates are:
Popular Diagnostic Center
Thyrocare Bangladesh
CRL Diagnostic Center
Dr. Lal Path Labs
Prime Diagnostic Centre 

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Tests Types:
 Immunology & Serology
 Biochemical Exam
 Hematology Exam
 Hepatitis profile
 Cancer Marker
 Torch Panel
▪ Drug Monitoring 
▪ Drug of abuse/toxicity
 PCR Lab test/Molecular Test
▪ Endocrinology
 All types of Urine Test
 Histo & cytopathology
 Allergy Test
 Chest X-ray
 CT Scan
 Clinical pathology & many more

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