In developed countries like Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark employ local self-government ‘paid home helpers’ who provide services to the elderly in their homes. There are some companies where adults take membership like health insurance. When the problem arises, they call that company, the nurse / GP with the ambulance immediately reached to the house. If there is a more serious issue, they take them to the hospital. Patient does not need to bother about their medical documents, no more treatment delay & no more waiting for their family members. The company has taken copies of all his medical documents during the membership, which is preserved & updated. A copy of his electric health record is mailed along with the number of his membership ID card. Even if there is no one with the patient, he can ensure all the medical services at home /hospital due to the membership. If it is possible in developed countries including Australia, our country Bangladesh has also improved a lot, then why it is not possible here?
At present, Acro Medical has been working successfully in Bangladesh for two long years with a complete foreign concept brought in Bangladesh from Australia by Mr. Ariful Islam; Founder & CEO of Acro Medical completed his study & had a working experience in a Geriatric Care Project in Australia. The directors are also USA citizen. Acro Medical Caregiver is providing service at a member’s home bringing quality medical care to its doorstep in an easy way for one person through membership in the Acro Retirement Club.

Who are our service receivers?

For a patient to be eligible for taking services from Acro Medical through the membership of Acro Retirement Club, consider the following guidelines:
⁘ Person above the age of 55 years belonging to any religion, cast, class.
⁘ Person having no residential facilities at Dhaka.
⁘ Person who needs medical support at home.
Persons affected by chronic disease.
⁘ Retired persons who are feeling lonely at their home or unable to stay with their children.
⁘ Anyone can take the membership who wants to get the advance health care at their convenient location. 
⁘ Corporate persons who lead a busy life & needs support for their family in medical issues.
According to company policy and nature of services, service charge or amount would be variable. Special discounts would be applicable for permanent members only. Our 360◦ versatile service covers to ensure medical care as per the requirement of the members like:
● Doctor video consultancy & doctor home visit
● Diagnostic sample home collection & report home delivery
● Taking the person to the doctor's chamber/hospital by skilled manpower with complete safety in our own transport and providing attendant for long stay with the    patient in the absence of family
● Part-time and long-term caregiver facilities
● Oxygen cylinder rent
● Palliative care home service
● Own transport & accommodation facilities provide for the patients coming from different districts for treatment purpose
● 24 hours nursing support
● Vaccination at home
● Age care facilities
● 24 hours ambulance
● Medicine & medical accessories home delivery
● Diet chart provide
● Medical history maintenance & handover to patients’ family & doctors through email or hardcopy
● Monthly Vital Sign Check Up
● In special cases the last rituals are also performed properly in the absence of family members