Why Choose Us

We the exceptional trusted home care choice for complete healthcare solution accessible 24/7/365 to provide the right care at the right time. We are always ready to provide personalized care & also take complaints or concerns reported by our clients are immediately dealt with and a full investigation is carried out. We maintain a complete organized process to get the customer's valuable feedback. 


Any suggestions, complaints, comments regarding the conduct, usage, speech, dress, experience, quality of service provided by any service provider are specially requested to be sent to 01628998330 or by email [email protected] . A small piece of information from a respected customer will provide a way to improve and enhance the quality of service provided by the organization. You have many ways to raise your concern or complaint.

These include:

       ·         Face to face
·         Via telephone
·         In a letter
·         Via email

Why complain:

There can be many reasons why you might want to make a complaint. You might experience:
a.       Delay to services or cancellations for no good reason
b.       Lack of communication or information
c.       Poor behavior from staff
d.       Inadequate assessments of your health or care needs
e.       Changes or reductions to your care.

How to make a complaint:

       ü  Make it clear that you are making a formal complaint by mentioning the members name & ID number
ü  Give a clear, concise account of what happened or went wrong
ü  Include all relevant facts, such as dates, times and names
ü  Explain what you want to happen as a result of your complaint
ü  Attach copies of any relevant letters or documents
ü  Try to stay polite and professional, even if you feel angry or upset
ü  Keep copies of any letters or documents that you send or receive
ü  Keep a record of the name and job title of anyone you speak or write to
ü  If any action is promised or a decision made, ask for written confirmation.
ü  It can help to be clear about what you want to be done or what you expect to change as a result of raising the matter. 

Terms & conditions for submitting a complaint:

◊ You should try to complain as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours of you becoming aware that you have a cause  for complaint and normally no longer than 1 month after the event.
◊ You must receive written or verbal acknowledgement of your complaint within three days, which will also tell you:
                i.   What will happen next
                ii.  How long the initial investigation will take
                iii. Who will contact you

Number of days required for response?

       ·         Within 10-14 business days of our office receiving the complaint and documentation, a copy of the complaint is sent to the business listed on the complaint            form needed to investigate the complaint is justified or not
·         A letter is then sent to the consumer who filed a complaint notifying them who has been assigned to their file.
·         The response time of the business determines how quickly the office can determine the next course of legal actions.
·         The typical length of time for complaint resolution is 30 days; however, it may take longer depending on circumstances.