Terms & Conditions for Service Receivers

       1.       To become a lifetime member of Acro Medical You have to provide all the necessary information to fill up specific patient registration form and patient verification form and to know the process of receiving our medical service.
2.       Every member of AM will call the emergency number provided by the company to receive the health care they need +8802-5504712 (9am - 6pm), +8801315635321 (urgent)
3.       In case of emergency any family member will be provided with the latest information on the overall situation and any family member's advice and guidance will be considered as final decision and work will be done, we are requesting to provide contacting mobile number, email, whatsapp, viber number.
4.       The company will not be liable if the service provider fails to arrive or provide services due to the natural disasters, movements, blockades, disruptions to normal life processes and life-threatening environment.
5.       If Acro Medical bears any advance and necessary medical expenses in order to complete the medical activities of the members without any hindrance in special needs, the third party has to pay Acro Medical before paying the bill (Hospital, Pharmacy etc.).
6.       We request you to provide proper guidance, respect, and assistance to every person who communicates and provides services provided by AM. The AM reserves the right to terminate the provision of medical services without any prior notice to the service provider in case of insults, indecent remarks, private discussions, harassment, emotional and physical abuse or intimidation.
7.       AM is engaged in the business of health care and medical services facilities. It provides access to excellent advance medical/surgical care on domestic/international basis.
8.       For the purpose of clarity, the patient understand & acknowledges that AM acts only in the capacity of facilitator and/or coordinator. AM is not the patients treating physician or any other medical service/care provider. AM does not perform any surgery or medical procedures at all. Patient acknowledges the she/he has conducted the necessary due diligence and has decided to seek treatment with no influence or pressure from AM.
9.       AM will use its best efforts to assist patient in resolving any issues related to the products or services delivered or rendered. The patient understands & acknowledges that AM offers no insurance, guarantee or warranty in any respect related to products or services delivered or rendered by service providers. AM will not be responsible for any damage or loss, any dispute or claims against a service provider.
10.   AM or any of its employees would never demand any payment from patients in form of additional service charge/coordination fee/helping charges etc. Patients are required to make payments directly to company bank account. AM or any or its employees will never interfere / entertain / influence any such financial transaction between the patient and service provider(s). AM will only accept payments directly from the patient(s).
11.   Only the best taking care & monitoring will be done by our staff. They are only assigned for the assistance. All treatment decisions will be done by doctors. If any inconvenient incident happens Acro Medical shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by our staff.
12.   According to the company policy in case of any immediate (death/any other emergency/accident) termination, that due payment will be done by the patient.
13.   AM assumes no liability or responsibility for damage or injury to persons or property arising from any use of any product, information, idea, or instruction offered or provided to you by the medical professionals that implement them.
14.   Acro Medical reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, without notice.
15.   By accessing and using this website, you assent to these terms and conditions.