1.      The registration process has to be completed by providing the required certificate along with the information details mentioned in the prescribed application form of Acro Medical. Upon completion of the registration process, the ID card will be issued to the service provider P.C as the consulting firm providing Acro Medical services.
2.       In order to ensure the quality, safety and discipline of medical services, it is mandatory to show the ID card before each service is provided. 
3.       Need to provide medical services with professionalism after clean and elegant clothing. 
4.       Additional services or treatments may not be provided outside of the specified services as per the aforementioned list of services provided by Acro Medical.
5.       No services may be provided without the advice of a doctor prescribed or approved by Acro Medical. 
6.    Must be present at the designated place at the scheduled time for service delivery. In case of (emergency) delay due to special reasons, Acro Medical must be informed in a short time.
7.      The patient needs to be treated with a completely professional attitude and activities such as taking medication routinely, moving around and doing other things.
8.      As well as helping to change the patient's clothing, bathing and using the toilet, you also have a responsibility to keep the environment around the patient beautiful and clean.
9.    Always evaluate the needs and independence of the patient and provide appropriate and elegant answers to every question of the patient or his guardian. It is strictly forbidden and unacceptable to display any kind of speech or behaviour while being annoyed or agitated.
10.   The patient or his / her guardian's permission must be obtained before providing the service and before touching the patient.
11.   The patient must show full respect for his religious beliefs and culture.
12.   The patient should wash his hands thoroughly after each service and keep his hands dry and clean at all times. 
13.   The Company will not be liable for any unforeseen circumstances arising out of any work or service that you have done except the work you are authorized to do. For that all the liability and punishment / fines have to be borne only by the service provider.
14.   In case of any critical problem, no action can be taken without consulting a doctor. In case of any untoward incident due to any decision taken by oneself, all the liabilities and punishments / fines have to be borne by the service provider only.
15.   Attend weekly / monthly, meetings or workshops. Which will play an important role in the provision of services in the future.
16.   No decision can be reached without informing the company about any problem.
17.   No financial transactions can be made with the patient or any of his family members outside the rules of the company.
18.   If any complaint is received from the patient or his family against the responsible employee, it will be investigated and action will be taken against the employee if appropriate evidence is found.
19.   If the service provider is absent in his / her designated area or if he / she goes elsewhere due to personal reasons or cannot be present at the specified time at the specified place, he / she must immediately inform the specified contact number provided by the company.
20.   Each service provider will report his / her personal problems, complaints, suggestions to the specific number provided by the company. It is not acceptable for one person to provide information through another.
21.   The Company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend this Agreement without prior notice in the case of persons providing services in violation of the Company's rules or regulations.
22.   If for any reason he wants to be discharged from duty or expresses reluctance to work after performing duty, the service provider will have to fulfil the obligation till the next person performs duty. If he leaves the field earlier, no wage will be paid and he will be dismissed immediately and cancelled for any subsequent work.