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An amazing, luxurious & comfortable place like your own home.
Due to changing family structure and modernization, there are a growing number of senior citizens who are currently living alone at home, are not able to get proper medical facilities & proper residential amenities. This is because many of us have jobs and other responsibilities that make it difficult for people to take care of an elderly loved one who needs help with daily activities. Acro Senior Citizen Care Center provides several care options for families who need extra help for helping their elderly loved ones. We have well-planned, modern, well-furnished & comfortable accommodation facility that have been built to cater to the needs of the senior citizens while giving them an exceptional quality of life. The facility contains dining hall, guest room for the resident’s guests, library, kitchen & many other basic facilities to keep the resident engaged and keep their emotional well-being in check. A reliable care-giving system with luxurious facilities is essential for a segment of elderly people. Sometimes most of them facing accommodation problem to take long term treatment to the hospitals at Dhaka city as the long time stay at hospital is very costly & for further follow up unnecessary hospital stay is not allowed by hospital authority also. As we are a leading health care service provider company with all the medical facilities, it is compatible for us to provide proper & organized facilities to them at Acro Senior Citizen Care Center. Residents will have self-respect and lead a satisfactory and peaceful life without being a burden on their families. 

 Basic selection criteria for residents 


Rooms & Decorations 

Diagnostic Design


To ensure safe, comfortable & friendly accommodation with tender love, proper care, nourishment, health service and other basic needs so that they live independently as valued members of the society with a peace of mind.




o  A comfortable well-furnished and self-contained rooms with western style toilets
o  Residential facilities under doctor observation
o  Vital sign check-up by professionals
o  Fresh food supply upon nutritionist advice
o  24/7 Under CCTV surveillance
o  Personal care assistance
o  Transport & mobility assistance
o  On time medication & food
o  24/7 emergency medical oxygen support
o  Contingency plan for medical emergency
o  Residency attendant monthly meeting
o  Up-to-date information sharing with resident’s family
o  Emergency alarm & lights controls at bedside and bathrooms near toilet seat
o  Library containing well-stocked books and magazines along with daily newspapers.
o  Indoor and outdoor game facility for relaxation.
o  Fire extinguisher for proper safety & security
o  Green area for outdoor activity
Internet service, appropriate support services such as laundry, special meals, personal caregiver/attendant to support daily task.
o  Assistance in property maintenance, bill payment, legal document maintenance & management.
o  The residents include around the clock supervision, expert on-site medical care, and individualized help with daily needs.
o  Engaged in different activities of this home in overcoming loneliness meet new friends (co-residents) of their age and share their experiences.
o  Constant care of regular food intake, adequate sleep, cleanliness, nursing during illness, etc.
o  Food and dining service consists of breakfast, morning tea, lunch with vegetables or salad and dessert, afternoon tea and a dinner with vegetables or salad and dessert.
o  Individualized meal plans for our residents with specific dietary requirements.
o  Basic hygiene, grooming, bathing and oral hygiene, shaving equipment, lotions, powders, deodorants, shampoo, comb/brush etc.

Monthly Activities Table 1

Yearly Activities 

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 A luxurious place to live, a secure place to receive care 

Diagnostic Design

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