Healthier and happier employees, better teammates, best work performance

Health programs are an important pillar in any corporate risk mitigation strategy – lowering health premiums, drug costs, losses from long-term disability, avoiding extended absences or the loss of critical resources is only good business sense. We have open communication, timely access and thorough personalized care from our entire team of physicians & specialists when you need us, we are here for you. We are ready to provide world-class health and wellness services to our clients. Our clients and their families will never feel rushed or neglected.

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Through Acro Medical a healthy workplace for employees will provide the following advantages: 


Our regular corporate plan
Normally we assure our medical & healthcare needs from different sources but whenever you will connect with us, we offer you one-stop solutions in the medical-healthcare services & also supply medical equipment & accessories in a competitive price and top-quality products & based on your requirement. Our Customer Service Development (CSD) department handles all of this weekly monitoring call. We try to communicate directly with the patient or their 1st attendant. If any concerns arise, we forward the update to the doctor.
According to the treatment plan, we then assign the appropriate person for the service. Based on the update of their health condition, a weekly monitoring call record with details is made and submitted to the higher authorities. They check the details and forwarded to a reporting person who is assigned to make a report based on all the information and also the doctor’s suggestion. This monthly monitoring report is helpful for our client to get a full view of their health condition at a glance.
Vaccination services
The benefits of the employee vaccination programs give the added security of fewer employee sick days taken each year and healthier employees. Qualified doctors and medically trained staff are ready to vaccinate your staff on site. The onsite vaccination services are usually arranged for mass vaccination programs such as flu or hepatitis vaccinations. Travel vaccinations may also be arranged if sufficient numbers of employees require the vaccinations.
Workshops, seminars and health advice
Seminars and workshops are a great way to get your teams more health-conscious. We conduct health-related seminars and workshops covering multiple aspects including general health, nutrition, stress management, smoking cessation, CPR and First-Aid classes, back injury prevention training, and many programs through  the Behavioral Health Department such as Violence in the Workplace. We also offer comprehensive advice to company health departments on cases related to  health and wellbeing of employees.
Comprehensive diagnostic test facilities
Our comprehensive drug testing program includes hair drug testing, urine drug screens, department of transportation (dot) drug screens, breath alcohol testing, saliva alcohol testing, medical review officer (MRO) services, and random pool selection capabilities for transportation companies.
Pre-employment health check-up
Acro medical has extensive experience in medical screening. We can customize your corporate pre-employment checks based on the job profile of the candidate. We can offer a diagnostic package to identify that your employees are fit to work in Bangladesh or abroad before they are deployed this will reduce risk to your company and your clients.
Monthly Vital Sign Check Up & same-day GP services at discounted rate
We provide special privileges like same-day on-site GP service to our corporate clients. Timely health check-up not only get your employees cured faster from primary health issues but also reduce their absenteeism from work. Free monthly vital sign check up will be done also which will cover the following parameters/factors given below:


Annual employee health screening
     o   Blood screenings
o   Cholesterol screenings (Total Cholesterol, HDL & LDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides)
o   Glucose testing (diabetes risk)
o   Lung function testing
o   Kidney Function Tests (urea, creatinine)
o   Thyroid Function Test
o   Vision screening
o   Hearing test (Audiometry)
o   Cancer screenings
o   Urine & Stool Analysis
o   HIV antibody screening (Optional)
o   Prostate Cancer Screening (for men aged above 50 Years)
o   Chest X-Ray
o   Treadmill Exercise ECG
o   Cardiac Echography

We can customize the health checks for your employees based on the job profile. This will allow the organization to structure health programs that will have the greatest impact. 


Keep your executive teams in top condition with a premium comprehensive healthcare program